Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Well what do you know?

The weathermen actually called one right?!?!?! Our "winter storm warning" was warranted! With only minutes to spare I finished at work and headed home. We slogged through the first of the winds and driving snow to collect our babies from school and tucked in for the 3pm!!!!!

The winds HOWLED and the lights flickered a couple of times but our power lines held. We watched a very emotional documentary regarding Guatemala...actually three of us watched...Mari was relishing the extended computer privileges as she 'chatted' with friends, some of whom were in the dark without power. [Could tell when the laptop batteries started to fail as she tallied the declining numbers of friends on chat!] Anyhow, it was a GOOD thing Mari missed this documentary and we have decided she needs some more time and maturity to deal with some of the topics and issues addressed! Julia had some concerns over some of the scenes which were flashbacks to the main character's childhood as a Mayan survivor of the genocide of the late 70's and early 80's but nothing was sooooo graphic as to be traumatic. Mari is much more sensitive to these kind of things as well as the fact that she has memories of her childhood in the main character did...and might find the main character's emotional conflict over 'who she was' hit very close to home! My recommendation to those adoptive parents who are interested in watching the documentary 'Discovering Dominga' is to wait for a kid-free time and give yourself time for after viewing to process the weighty topics addressed...this is NOT a "they lived happily ever after" documentary!!!!

So we followed that heavy viewing matter up with Madagascar 2 and a few episodes of America's Funniest Home Videos before  deciding that it was 'safe' to go to bed. We woke up to an amazing winter scene!!

The view from inside my bathroom!!

Taken from my front porch over towards my neighbor's porch...which is drifted over!!! 
That mailbox of theirs is mounted at about 5 feet.

Looking out my front window. The snow is to the sills of my ranch style home!!!

The school across the street started to plow their parking lot early this morning...and then gave up!!

Not my stubborn Irish farm boy!!! He's determined to give me a heart attack by watching and worrying about him having a heart attack.

Julia standing in the path of the first shovel wide pass to give some perspective. This picture was taken at 9:30 am  even though it looks like PM!! 

The camera was NOT HAPPY that I was trying to snap pictures in 3 degrees and driving snow!!

After 20+ hours of blizzard conditions it has finally stopped!!! Patrick has almost gotten the cars dug out even though the city has put out TWO robo-calls begging everyone to stay off the streets. Everything is closed.

A fact that makes my youngest child very, very happy!! And yes, she is WAIST DEEP in snow...and loving every minute of it....but she's about to be pressed into shoveling duty!!


  1. wow. you all got more than we did. the weather station says we got 19.2 inches. everything is closed here too. yay. no work, no school. a day to stay warm inside. the man plowing our neighbor's driveway this morning got stuck! and they had to call another truck to pull the plow man out. isn't that funny?
    I've been reading about discovering dominga on the Guat yahoo group. apparently a very moving story. but they are saying it's hard to locate a copy of the movie. where did you find yours? (I would see it myself, not with my 4 year old).

  2. Sorry you got the storm but glad it wasn't us in MN for a change! We just got the -30 windchills!!

    That ribbon does look Guatemalan but it actually is not. If you think that would work to pair it with some of your outfits, let me know! It has lots of great bright colors in it for you to work with!! I have made ruffle socks with it before and marketed them as Guat-inspired!

  3. that was an amazing storm from the looks of it, glad we didn't get it. We went back to the single digits but no extra snow!!!!!

  4. We're still stuck with our 14 inches of snow. I don't think they'll ever get the roads cleared.