Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Snapshot

Sunset seems to be the time of day when I begin to notice the world around me.
Could be that I'm nocturnal by nature.
Most likely it's because daily life is considering slowing down to a manageable pace.
Last night I noticed this....

No photo editing involved. It was all Mother Nature's doing. The rays of light from the setting sun splitting into a spectrum and shining on my back splash.
My awe for her masterpiece is unspeakable!

Of course, me being me...

Just had to take one of Mother Natures stunningly simple displays and make it complicated!


  1. wow and wow. I also love your matting etc on the second shot. I know how to do NONE of that.

  2. Wow is right! Two great photos! The first one is awesome! Great catch on that and the second.. beautiful, natural and perfect focus on the ice cycle with the back ground blurry!

    Great job Suz!

  3. Look at you learing cool things and doign them with your camera! super cool first picture, and depressing second one, well in December it would be OK but after that no more ice.