Monday, January 19, 2009

Busy Weekend

So I don't quite have the new camera under control!! Not the best quality but I promise to figure out all the dials and buttons soon!
Nothing like a few artic fronts to bring on early cabin fever! Really, it was just too cold to leave the house so here we all were for FOUR looooong days of togetherness. Probably could have gotten more done but the list is not too shabby.
Julia's seahorse habitat for the science fair was one of those super bonding experiences. She is a dedicated little worker and we had fun digging through my fabric scraps to find the "just right" sand, water, momma horse, brother horse, and sister horse...that's right I said horse because since "farm animals and pets" were disallowed we had to get creative!
Experimented with bread making....already do quick breads but decided to give yeast a try! Found a no knead recipe and did a whole wheat and a white version to mixed reviews. The texture and taste of the wheat was better but the crunch of the white's crust was preferred. Felt a lot like Henny Penny with this project as it seems the Disney channel is more alluring than a cookbook. BTW, it was all gone in less than 24 hours.
Since I didn't like the way the first little blouse looked with the Puppy Love outfits I redesigned a new option....and
did up a candy heart version as well.
If anyone out there knows of a little girl who wears a 4t and just needs to have a one of a kind Valentine's day outfit this one's available and will be listed on eBay as soon as I figue out this camera!! Stellaluna Style Studios now has labels....let's hope the lead law gets rewritten!!!
Checked a few heads for visiters! Seems the critters who first appeared in their school around Halloween are still hair hopping! Just the thought is grossing us girls out but our token male is bemused...seems it was not a rare event in rural Ireland in the 50"s. Leaves me wondering how any one of them survived that childhood when he tells you matter of factly that they'd just dust their hair and pillows with DDT powder!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So far we've been spared and let's just keep it that way!


  1. New camera?? Peggy must have really gotten to you!! LOL!! LOVE the new outfits!! I'll be needing to order two of those Valentines' ones so let me know if you're going to make more!!
    Oh and Julia's project ROCKS!!! Would you want to do Lee Jr.'s too??? LOL!!

  2. OMGOSH Suzanne, I SOOOOOOOO LOVE the outfits you made for US, I can't tell you how gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous they are............woooohooooo!!!!! I am so excited, I can barely sit here and type!!!!!! Thank goodness I haven't brought them in for pictures yet so they can wear these :-)

    I soooooooo love the seahorse project. That turned out so incredibly cute. Julia did a truly really awesome job. I have to tell you from the picture they actually look REAL!!!!

    Oh man after working in the elementary school clinic, those critters are nasty nasty nasty. Thankfully, we've not had the displeasure of having to deal with it as I use hair wax in Katie's hair and put it up in a pony and spray with hairspray. Just a note: They love clean nonsticky hair! I don't think there was ever a week in the five years I worked there that I didn't have to send someone home for having the critters which of course always freaked out the teachers, hahahahaha!!!!!