Thursday, January 15, 2009

Smack Down

There are days and then there are days!! Yesterday started our big freeze of January 2009 and it was cold, real cold! Today is even colder and the poor divas had to bundle up well for the short walk to school because it was -10, yes note the - sign, this morning!!! We've been juggling some weighty issues regarding their future schooling options, Patrick's post-radiation follow up appointment is approaching, there are 'issues' at both of our places of employment all of which have contributed to a less than joyous mood around here recently. By the time I wrapped up last evening and settled into Mommy's computer time I was so ready for some humorous updates from my sewing and adoption friends....but the very first blog reminded me of what else had happened yesterday! January 14th was a far worse day for another family who have far scarier issues...and God saw to it that I got the message. Firstly, I had almost 'forgot' them and my promise to offer up prayers. Secondly, I had lost perspective and needed a 'smack down' to push me out of the self-pity I had climbed into this past week! To my adoption friends, THANK YOU for remembering to post about Abby and to the rest of my friends and family an explanation.... Little four year old Abby was adopted from Guatemala and has been diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of leukemia coupled with a genetic disorder which significantly lessens her chances of surviving the most effective treatments. Yesterday was the beginning of the worst phase of the treatment!!!!!!!!!!!! There are very real odds that she may not be able to survive this stage and the family is asking for all the prayers that can be mustered for her at this scary time. So please join me in praying for Abby and the Riggs family. To read about Abby an her family you can go to and feel free to spread the word!


  1. We have been saying special prayers for her every night and so hope she makes it through this most difficult time of her treatment.

  2. Praying for Abby!! I promise to be in touch soon! Life has been so busy here, but the party is over and I go for my check-up today with the stomache doctor so tommorow should be better!!