Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekly Family Guest Appearance

Since this is a "Family Blog" we are going to have one member of the family post something on our blog every week. This week it's me, Mari. My sister got Guitar Hero for Christmas and we played it today. My BFF and her Mom baked Irish Soda Bread and they stopped by today to give us some. My Dad has gobbled most of it up already! Then they invited us to eat dinner tonight. Ribs yum:-) Before I leave my Mom's making me finish my Science Fair project:-( Not my favorite subject


  1. Hey Mari, If it makes you feel any better Lee Jr. has to work on his social studies fair project!! He's not thrilled but being the mean mommy I am I'm making him!!

  2. Good luck on your project Mari. I am sure you are going to do GREAT!!