Saturday, January 24, 2009

What a week!

Sorry to be so negligent with posting! Jusy got too caught up in the week's activities. The puppy love outfits are complete and off in the mail...that's for you Rhonda! The little Mardi Gras outfit I sold on eBay is complete and off in the mail. Two little girls have been measured for new Irish dance costumes and I'm in the 'fermenting' process of design for a new team costume for another dance school.
Spent lots of time meeting with educators at a couple of schools in anticipation of moving the girls to new learning environments...sigh. Hope that we have the insight to make the best choice!
Signed up another volunteer for the shoe drive!! She hopes to target the end of the school year in her grade school to get those outgrown gym shoes.
Celebrated the inauguration of our new president. Got a few chuckles with my friend Mariann who was on a roll with political humor....headline she created read, "America gets needed infusion of O+!" Also did up a pictogram which reads, "Sox fans go to the White House while Cubs fans go to the Big House".....hint Blago?!?
Ended on a happy note as we celebrated a momentous birthday! My fav SIL was SHOCKED to walk straight into the suprise party where several siblings and nieces from Ireland were in attendance as well!
One picture of the night that caught me as funny/sad....
only at an Irish party would you see the Guiness pint in the stroller cup holder!
The party was at our Irish Heritage Center and an itinerent artist had set up on the floor in the hallway. His drawing of his daughter caught my eye....
that and the fact that a gaggle of children had set up shop right at his feet! He was so good with them as he doled out paper and pastels for them all to try their hand at art.
I'll try to be more attentive to my blog this week!! you see I'm still struggling with the camera...get what you pay for I think!


  1. OK girly I want to see the MArdi Gras outfit!! PICTURES dear, pictures!! LOL!! Cause you know I'm going to be needing two of those and maybe I could sell some for you here!! We have a little time until Mardi Gras anyway!!

  2. OHHHH, I can't even begin to thank you enough. I am soooo excited to get the outfits and can't wait to send one to girlfriend for her daughter and the other two for mine. Yeah!!! Will take lots of pictures!!