Friday, January 16, 2009

FFF- Equine Radar

There really aren't too many words needed to describe today's Favorite Foto Friday! Simply our baby girl and her passion....
Starting to see the pattern? Anywhere we go she finds the horse!
Even if it's just a stuffed one in a museum....
Halloween costumes are telling too.....
In those periodic hypothetical discussions of what you would do if you won the lottery this lady is the only one who has been consistent! If it was up to her I would be writing this from a Tennessee estate with horsebarns bigger than the house , where little girls did not have homework or housework, where big sisters go away to boarding school and there's a pool with a slide to splash in after a long day of barrel racing.


  1. OHHh i think someone wants a horse! she is sooo pretty!


  2. I have one of those, too! Unfortunately for her, she only gets close to horses a few times a year!

    Your little one is ADORABLE!

  3. She is a beautiful girl! I don't blame her for loving horses! I do too!

  4. Wow! Sure has a love for horses!
    Beautiful girl!

  5. I guess you guys will just have to meet us in TN for vacation one of these days so we can take her horse back riding!! LOL!

  6. How fun and what a wonderful passion as well. Come on mom, find room in that frozen tundra for a horsie!!!! LOL I just love her passion though for horses. Awesome