Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Laughter Lives Tuesday!

Well this week's challenge from the Rigg's family is to tell our funny and/or cute ways in which we tell each other that we love them!I'm not sure any of ours fall into the funny camp...more like sweet. Mari has what we call "the sonar ping".... when she first got home at nearly three years of age there were a lot of separation anxiety issues. Countless times a day she would just randomly say, "Um, Mom?" and I would automatically respond, "What honey?".....followed by silence. She was just checking to make sure I was within earshot but one day the answer came, "Just I love you!" My reaction must have been positive because now her less frequent "pings" go like this, "Mom?", "Yes?", "Love you!", "Ditto!". Julia is usually my demonstrative one! Big hugs and tons of kisses daily...EXCEPT when we walked her to pre-school! The original PDA tsar here! I'm not sure exactly how it started but we developed a hand squeeze signal as a compromise. Even to this day as we walk anywhere holding hands she will squeeze my hand three times for "I love you" and I squeeze back four time for "I love you too. It shows up sometimes during church and even just this weekend at the big party she ran up and grabbed my hand giving the three squeezes. Will really miss this when it's no longer cool to hold Mom's hand.......


  1. "Ditto" reminds me of the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

    I love the idea of squeezing hands! That is so sweet! I'll have to use that one! Great Post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. First - thanks for swinging by and commenting on my post. LOVE the idea of adding at the end - might have to try that tonight. Throw him off a bit and then he'll be all over it. Like I said...we're a little competitive! Your post is wonderful, too. I love those little "special" things with each girl. I hear you on the "miss it," too. On the positive side? My 23 year old went awol on the pda & "I love you" for a few years but...it's back. Now he can't end a phone call or leave the house without an "I love you, Mom." Music to my ears... But back to what I was saying - it may leave for a short while but it will come back. :)