Wednesday, January 28, 2009

C Free!!!!!!

The title says it all. I may now sleep soundly for the first time in a year! Today was THE appointment post chemo/radiation when the MD's decided if any of their tests showed signs of cancerous activity and I just could not bring myself to go. The pessimist in me won the battle!! Besides, he had to get to work right after the visit and taking two cars seemed like another good excuse not to go. By dinner time I was well on my way to an ulcer with worry when the Diva casually says, "Oh yeah, Dad called while I was on the other line and he said to tell you the tests came out great."....btw, that had been two hours previous, ugh!! I got through to him at his break and he confirmed that he was now considered CANCER FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baked a cake....and intend to eat every bit that they didn't finish. Would have had a margarita but Jose Cuervo evaporated during the chemo phase and I've never gotten around to replacing him.....................


  1. Oh Suzanne I'm so thrilled for you and Patrick!! This is the most wonderful n ews to start my day with!!

  2. Oh so absolutely AWESOME news. congratulations Patrick. What a huge sigh of relief. I would eat the WHOLE cake too and find some wine!!!! Best news ever. Luv, Rhonda