Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Darn those walls!!

Well I did finally get a few decent pics of some of my holiday outfits and managed to get them all listed on eBay. If you are interested my eBay name is drsilk1. Here they are lined up waiting for little girls to love them.
...and this is the mess I walked out on this afternoon!!
I think the past year caught up on me today and I crashed and burned in a big way. Using every once of energy I had to persuade the girls that I was not dying...just NEEDED a hot tub and a nap...I did just that! They knew it was major when I suspended the no TV on school night rule and ordered them a pizza both on the same day :)! Had to explain the "hit my wall" phrase and I'm thinking I might be hearing it some morning soon.
Tomorrow starts a new day and after cleaning up the mess in my salt mine I begin a few Mardi Gras outfits followed by some St. Pat's Day. Here's to a revival of the creative juices!!!


  1. Oh my goodness those are so adorable!!!! I'll be calling you at some point tomorrow and will get those things out to you as soon as I get little Miss Olivia to the doctor!!

  2. Oh we sooooo love the outfits Suzanne. They are awesome and can't wait to get some pictures of the girls in them!!!! You needed some "crash-down time". Many thanks