Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sewing Update!

Firstly, Vanessa has landed in the hospital! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers so she can get back home to her three little ones quickly! Secondly, Sticky Kisses Studios has been shot down...there is already someone using a very similar name on eBay. Stellaluna Style Studios is now the storefront name I'll be using to sell my children's appearel. Shawna at Pixel Perfect is doing up the computer template and my clothing labels so progress is being made! Got home from my 'real' job today to find an e-mail from one of the dancers I made a costume for the Oireachtas. Sweet girl even included a couple of her classmates who wear my dresses as well. Em and Sara at a local feis. Em has a new one...in green, of course that I didn't get a pic of before it left the sewing room (aka salt mine).
Mari calls this dress "the Wicked One" because it reminds her of her favorite stage play. Too bad about the lighting because this one REALLY sparkles on stage.
Morgan who did not get this until the literal last minute !!!...and then I squeezed in one 'emergency' dress which was posted earlier.

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  1. OH NO, what happened to VANESSA?????? dang, I go for a few tests and now hear she's in the hospital?????? Is it her diabetes?

    The dresses are really gorgeous Suzanne. You do the most beautiful of work. I'll be sharing your talent to many people :-)

    Please update me on Vanessa when you get a chance???? Poor thing :-(