Friday, February 6, 2009

Fav Foto Friday......later?

You'd think by my advanced age I would have learned the consequences of not keeping up with ones "homework"!! Here I am at Friday with a ton of laundry to catch up on, days of blogging to catch up on, and a few little outfits that were ordered as a result of my eBay foray needing finishing touches so they can be mailed in time for the holiday.....oh, and I promised to get my sister's dog to the vet before 10am! Still in avoidance mode I decide to take a quick trip through a few blogs of friends and discovered that Rhonda has given me a Life is Grand award!!!!

Yeah, I finally won something!......wait there's this fine print to read....oh, I have to list five things that are 'grand' about my live and then tag five friends!! Five 'grand things' will be no problem but I really don't think I have five more friends than she already tagged who have blogs???? I know Sharon, Melissa and Diane are tech saavy enough to start one because they use their computers waaaaay more effectively than myself but alas they don't have one. Agnes would have a marvelously entertaining one if she ever figures out how to sign onto the internet! Vanessa has already been tagged a few times. Oh well, guess I'll list my 'grand things' and get back to you on my five nominees.

1. Hands down Patrick is the best husband in the world!!! I jokingly use the fishing term "a keeper" when I refer to him but in all seriousness there is nothing on earth that could part us. The kindest, most gentle man who loves all his girls mightily and spoils us endlessly. The rock on whom I have often had to cling during wild emotional storms and a sage on who's wisdom I have matured.

2. My first heart's jewel who God moved heaven and earth to bring to me, Mari. The smart and stubborn, artistic and messy, tweener who loves the morning snuggle. A child of my DNA could not be anymore like me than this little lady! I'm blessed to be her Mom!

3.Second only by age is my easy going, loving little special delivery named Julia. This horse loving tomboy was most likely God's way of giving Patrick an ally in our home. The teeniest little baby who ate every 2hrs just melted right into ours hearts and there she shines as her nickname "Jewels"!

4.FAMILY!! Life is GRAND when you have been given an embarrassing riches of family. Parents, 8 siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, 7 brother-in-laws, 5 sister-in-laws, nieces, nephews and I could go on...and on....and on. Great people who round out a very full life!

5.Tough call because I'm torn between Friends or Health?!?! Having just received the great news on Patrick's response to radiation I would be remiss not to consider health but I have so many great friends how can I NOT aknowledge their enrichment of my life? I know the's a TIE!!!! I have been blessed with the good health with which I am able to spend wonderfull moments with all my friends.

Came across some pics that qualify for my FFFriday but it will take some more of my over-commited time to scan them into a file in order to get them on here to share. I promise at least a couple will make it on here by tonight!

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  1. If it makes you feel better I didn't do FFF yet!! LOL! I did a few errands and now Im trying to read a few blogs and do some housework in the next hour before I go get them!