Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Laughter Lives Tuesday!

Time is racing too fast for me these days because here we are back at Laughter Lives Tuesday!!! This is a series started by the Riggs family to help us celebrate the humor in life. They are having it pretty hard lately so PLEASE keep up the prayers for Abby and her family. Their blog is linked to the right here---> see, where it says Pray for Abby. This week's theme/challenge is "A funny thing happened and I was glad I had my camera...." which means that sometimes the pictures need a little explaining!! My first picture is of Julia with her cohort in crime, Deirdre who happens to fill the dual role of BFF and cousin. Notice something a little off? Maybe for you southern friends the combination of halter/tank tops and football caps isn't such a stretch but around here...well you do see an odd drunk or two at Soldier Field who goes shirtless ...but it's usually waaaaay cold during pigskin season!! The parking lot for the Field Museum of Natural History is UNDER Soldier Field and oh so conveniently one must pass the Bears gift shop to get out to the museum. Last July,when it was about 100 degrees with 200% humidity I lost my mind and organized a day trip into Chicago for all the cousins who just HAD to check out the gift shop. After a while I started to panic because these two were no where in site!! At full chest pain panic they suddenly popped out from under a clothing rack with these on their heads. Got a ton of laughs which I can now join in on.
Just another sleeping kid shot I bet you are thinking to yourself? This is from Super Bowl Sunday 2001 and we are in the sports bar of the Mariott Hotel......in Guatemala!!! After a looooong day of traveling out to and back from the markets at Chichicastenango we were starving and Patrick was hoping to catch a little of the game. The waitress put a huge basket of popcorn on the table which we all eagerly dove into but especially 3 yo Mari. I had left the movie camera up in the room and to this day regret that decision because with every reach of her arm towards the popcorn basket her head dropped a little closer to the table. Everyone, (all 8 of us including the staff!!) saw it coming and the guys at the bar even started joking that there should be bets on how many handfuls of popcorn would she get before lights out! It was like a cartoon. Then with one final feeble reach she gave up the ghost and clunked face first into the table!!!!!!
I never meant for this to surface until it would come in handy as a way to embarass a too big for her britches teenager but there's this problem in my home....the kids can work the technology better than the adults!! Mari came across this one day while 'surfing' through the photos and told on me so since it's been outed here it is.... New Year's eve a couple of years ago...at my Dad's house in Florida. Typical scenario, they were trying their best to last until midnight by watching the Disney channel but alas Mr. Sandman came calling...at 11:55pm!!!!!!!!! Crowns still on their heads and noise makers under their cheeks was a shot I just had to take...and then some adult who will remain nameless decided that the empty wine bottle in the trash should be retrieved and added. Yeah, New Year's Eve can bring out a side to people that is usually not seen......


  1. Ahhh,soooo cute. Loved the pictures, especially the sleeping on the table, hahahahahaha

  2. ROFL!! So what are you saying about us southern folks who love our tank tops with hats?? Don't forget the matching flip slops!! LOL!! We don't get to enjoy our hats during the winter since it's already 82 degrees here:(