Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lo siento!

A whole week of blog world absence!! I am soooo sorry to leave everyone hanging but there's time for 'splaining later. It's Tuesday again and Abby is back in the hospital for the 21st time since July! As can be guessed, the Rigg's family are treading water hard right now so PLEASE friends add them to your prayers. The challenge this week is OPEN....meaning we can throw out anything we think will bring a smile to your face.
Risking the wrath of the Diva for unequal exposure on the blog I have decided to post a series of pictures showing one of Julia's other loves. Right behind HORSES would come an extreme fondness for FOOD. On our first day together, Julia's fostermother tried to warn me but noooooo, I saw the tiniest little baby and thought, "she mustn't get much to eat." Marina told me she took a bottle every 2hrs.....literally she would start screaming every hour and forty-five minutes like an alarm clock! To this day she still checks in for every meal, snack, and/or dessert whether I've got one ready or not!
In the days when it was mostly still in the liquid form! Took a looong time for this little lady to relinquish her pacha!
This picture still kills me these many years later! That was my friend's hot dog that she naively left unattended on our picnic blanket thinking that Julia was still only eating baby food! She NEVER ate baby food...hated it from the first spoonful so my food processor was her favorite kitchen appliance! She took peas and mashed potatoes straight from my plate at 6 mos old and never settled for less from thereafter.
This is Uncle Steve's idea of raising children...sucker's are a-okay as soon as they can hold them...right?????
It's not all junk! She eats almost every fruit and vegetable...except lima beans which I refuse to cook.
All she knew was that there was ice cream in there...took some creative thinking to get it out and into her mouth.
Yeah, so she has a thing for hot dogs! Here in this part of the country you would call this a 'nudie'....no bun, no topping, just a naked dog.
The ice cream truck can never come too often for this calorie junkie.
Desserts at Auntie Peggy's are more elaborate than here at home!


  1. SO cute, I'm going to Aunt Peggy's!!!

  2. Tell Peggy when I come to Chicago I'll be visiting her for one of these!!!