Sunday, February 8, 2009

Julia was blog tagged!

Arianna over at tagged Julia today. The game is that Julia has to tell 10 random things about herself and then tag someone else. Since we were out a 'little' too late celebrating Grandma's birthday she dictated them for me to post...her typing could take awhile!(My commentary will be in parenthesis!) 1) I am a tomboy! I love my cars (hot wheels & etc) and the bike my mom and I made!!! (Tricked/pimped an old Schwinn Pixie with a sissy bar, flame designed banana seat, and chopper bars and put flame decals everywhere!) 2)I wish I could live in Texas or Tennessee because I could own a horse and become a jockey. (Don't know why those two states because she's mostly ridden in Florida?!?) 3)I love to watch PBR and play the game on my PS2. (for the unknowing that would be Professional Bull Riders and when playing the game she almost always opts to be the BULL!!!!!) 4)Secretly I love Pooh but since I love SpongeBob too I just tell the kids at school that SpongeBob is my favorite show.(At that stage where W. the Pooh is for baaabies according to the peers) 5)My favorite PS2 game is Guitar Hero.(...and if I hear Eye of the Tiger one more time I may go insane!!!!) 6)My clothes need to be comfy! (Oh yeah, she TESTS every garment before I buy for 'itchiness' and would be in fleece jams 24/7 if allowed) 7)I would be in heaven if I could eat Outback's mac n' cheese everyday!!(Been her birthday dinner choice for three years running now!) 8)I HATE the dentist and wiggling my loose teeth....YUCK!!!!(Go figure since I'm her dentist huh?!?! She is the WORST patient BTW and has not yet made the connection that REGULAR brushing will change the cavity count!!!) 9)I am NOT a fan of milk but love, love , love ice cream. (Yep, the MD slices hairs by saying she's 'milk sensitive' since that was one of the few allergy tests that did not come back positive....handed her the excuse on a silver platter he did!! Told me that it was very COMMON for hispanic children to have 'issues' with milk and that I shouldn't worry as long as she ate cheese and he's not the one trying to get his kids to eat!! Can't wait to get to the next appointment to tell him how at 8 yo she's already a 'fan' of coffee...must be in the genes???) 10)I'm going to have lots of animals when I grow up! (Interesting......since our cocker spaniel Kelty had to go live with Auntie Peggy after asthma clinic gave her a series of allergy tests and all the pet/dander ones came back off the chart HIGH?!?! I really do hope she 'grows out' of these allergies and her asthma because she does adore animals especially horses and dogs. Very ironic that the one who loves animals the most is the one who needs to stay away from animals!) So there is Julia's tag assignment and now she is going to tag Katie at


  1. Hey Julia, You and Arianna share the dislike of milk too!! She also loves animals just like you!!

  2. Thanks for tagging Katie!! She had tons of fun doing this!! And we sooooo enjoyed reading all of Julia's information! I think I got a kick the most with the dental part being that there's ummmmmmmmm a dentist in the house!!!!!