Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Laughter Lives Tuesday!

Well here we are back at Tuesday again!! As part of a series called Laughter Lives Tuesday started by the Riggs family we are asked to post funny stories with the theme "A funny thing happened at......" To see more just click on the Praying for Abby link to the right of this blog. Shortly after our eldest daughter came home from Guatemala, while she was still in her Spanglish period, my mother's first cousin died. Being Irish one does wakes, I mean we DO wakes! It was a longish drive to the funeral parlor so I decided to see if our Diva had ever experienced a death or funeral and we chatted....and chatted. I explained how she would look like she was asleep and how her spirit would go to be in heaven with God. I instructed her in what prayers to say while kneeling before the casket and how after that she could go play with all her cousins. The Diva was like a little lady waiting so primly in the receiving line and prayed up a storm when we made it to the casket. As we turned to offer our condolences to the family one of the woman's children said, "At least her pain is over and she's probably parked in front of God's big screen right now watching her soap's." Well....the Diva gave a big stomp and crossed her arms across her chest and said, "Mal Mommy!" after which she stalked to the back row of chairs and plopped down glaring at me. I went back and asked her why she was mad at me??? She said, "You made us late!" Bewildered I asked her what we were late for and she responded, "I quiero ver her spirit coming out her body and ello say she in heaven ahorita!" Translation: she wanted to watch "the spirit" leave the body as it "went to heaven"!!!!!!!!!!! As for my finger dilemma...... H.L.H but did figure out a way to get exam gloves on and off all day. That would be the thumb cut from an XL glove taped firmly over the gauze and I used XL gloves on the right hand. You gotta do what you gotta do!...and now I am going to get a pain pill.....


  1. I would be mad if I missed that too!
    Very funny stuff.

  2. ROFL!! I hope your finger gets better soon! We're off to the doctor with Olivia in the morning for her recheck!

  3. Sure hope your finger is doing better. I still can't believe how creative that was to get those gloves off and on!!!

    Oh and I also gave you a Life is Grand award, please check out my blog for details!

    Luv, Rhonda