Thursday, February 26, 2009

Singing in the Rain!

I'm almost afraid to type this but it seems that ...ssshh spring is thinking of making an appearance! The snow from Saturday is gone. As a matter of fact right this very minute it is raining so hard that the driveway has turned into a raging river!! Now don't get me wrong, I'm a lifelong resident here and have marched in the snow down the parade route on many a St. Patrick's day, but this thunder-boomer, gully washer is the first hint that Jack Frost is losing his grip. I'm sure that before long I'll be unhappily telling you about another snow storm but for now we have a sign that the days of parka wearing are numbered. This week was spent handling a lot of details and paperwork of life. Julia is now officially registered for camp....HORSE camp!!! The local scout camp lowered their age restrictions so now she is 'legal' and will get to spend a week on horseback....when she's not mucking barns that is :) She's also doing a short 3 night Teddy and Me camp but be assured that as far as she's concerned only the week with horses 'counts'. Mari stomped on the brakes when registration day dawned. She just couldn't get past last years mosquito attacks, mouse nests, bats and spiders and decided that this summer should be spent safely in the air conditioning. I negated this decision because she really needs to develop coping skills so we are in the hunt for a compromise. Spanish immersion camp at a Missouri college is a possibility but I'm hoping to find one closer to home...or there is the YMCA camp where her cousins go that we fondly refer to as "Camp Comfy"...where there are air conditioned cabins and flush toilets. She's hoping that some fairy godmother will use her magic money wand and allow her to go away to some luxury think we exaggerate when we call her the Diva? Spent a morning with Uncle Ben (aka 'the accountant') so we can send Uncle Sam the annual financial report...a family visit I do not relish! Spent waaaay too much of our income on medical bills this past year but it seems to have been our most successful investment. Tonight was D.A.R.E graduation for Mari. Gratefully the trek to school is measured in feet not miles because an ark was the transportation of choice tonight. Hopefully Officer G. did his job well and she remains a drug-free diva! Had I known that they had to wear their t-shirts she would not have been allowed to spend so much time trying on different outfits!!
It was Officer G.'s last class after an 8 year tenure because he's being promoted!
Just had to sneak in another couple of outfits before St. Patrick's Day! This is a 48mos Koala Kids jumper that I spruced up and have on eBay right now!
Another 'little' outfit too! 12 mos OshKosh coveralls cutified and ready for parade day. Also listed on eBay right now!


  1. You know you're REALLY killing me right?? Where's the 2t cuteness?? :( I hope they sell for a good price because they're adorable!!
    Say congrats to Mari!!! I'm hoping their package arrives tomorrow!!

  2. Hmmmm, I would have to agree with Mari there on the "woodsy" stuff. Give me an air conditioned cabin any day!!!
    LOVE the outfit - And where are the 2T for here tooooo??? LOL
    Am anxious to see what you come up with for Easter!!!!

    I sure wish I had your talent Suz. You rock girl.