Friday, February 20, 2009

FFF-Fake Out!

So this week's favorite foto Friday theme is 'fake out'....hmm who really starts this? Just a couple because there is a bright yellow phenomenon in our sky today and I need to get out and photograph some outfits so I can get them on eBay! Severe winter storm warnings are flashing so I hope that rare orb in the heavens lasts until midday when the lighting will be optimal. The first fake out goes to our weather last week. The snow melted, the sun came out....once, and Julia spent a couple of hours clearing out her lungs in the fresh cool air. Here she is on her 'rod'. This is the bike she and I tricked out last summer. It used to be a mundane 20" Schwinn Pixie but now (with a few too many episodes of American Chopper under her belt) it is now flaming.
Will she or won't she?
Oh no she didn't!!! Really, she just smooshed the pumpkin guts on the corner of her lips to make it look like she ate them and then used these two photos to gross out her friends who thought she had actually taken their dare. Feel free to leave her a comment regarding the lack of lip care because she resists my efforts to prevent the annual winter chap fest.
Quick, strike a pose and maybe they will think we are part of the exhibit!...not. Never too young to 'Dance Like an Egyptian'.
Yesterday's salt mine production included a nurse's smock done in a Snoopy shamrock print for Auntie Peggy, who left taking it home before I could grab a picture and....
this little overall skirt. Decided to see if I did one up without all the Irish themed appliques if there was any interest. This one is a size 5 Old Navy denim jumper to which I added two ruffles in a Celtic Knot print and polka dots. The belt is reversible to either print.
Finished an appliqued tee and belt to go with the little 6x/7 skirt I showed on Wednesday. I put a ruffle to match the one on the skirt as well.
No 'away from the house' work today so I'm off to play with my fabric now, yeah!


  1. I think you have a couple of little showoffs! They are adorable and so much like my Chloe, never a dull moment!!!

  2. OK where is the small St. Patty's day clothes missy?? LOL!! Those are both so adorable!!

    Tell Julia I love her rod!!!