Monday, February 2, 2009

Luck O' the Irish??

Yeah, NOT so much!! I've always wondered how that little fallacy got started or if it excludes the Kerry and Cork lines of Irish? Just as I'm building up steam and getting quite a few little outfits made and up on eBay
there's one of life's little reality checks!!!!!!! More details will follow in the coming days but story so far is that I had a teeny tiny little twinge on the tip of my right index finger Saturday night as I headed of to bed. No big deal because if you ask any sewer/crafter our hands are always getting little pin jabs or hot glue burns. No mind just brush off and move on...I even laid out the next batch of holiday prints to get cracking on in the morning.
Well yesterday the twinge got a little stronger...mostly just when I actually used the finger like to type or dial the phone but no real sign of what was the cause. By last night I had decided to put warm compresses to see if I could get it to come to a head but barely anything could be seen....until this morning!! Unfortunately I didn't think to document the before...then again maybe that was a good thing for you guys to miss :) I finally decided that with all the nasty bugs going around lately that I better not lance it myself so I went to see the MD
As you can see he did open and drain the abscess!! The culture will be back Wednesday and you better not be laughing right now Miss Vanessa!!!! I'm on drugs for the "worst case scenario" and am brainstorming with my co-workers on how I can get gloves on and off this hand 76 times tomorrow because I'm the only DDS on call for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish me luck because it really does not come naturally to us Irish no matter the blarney you've been fed!


  1. Oh my goodness!! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. OH no Suzanne, that truly stinks big time. I am soooo sorry. What crummy luck but hopefully with the antibiotics and now the lancing, you will feel better at least by the weekend. Not sure how you are going to get gloves on and off 76 times though :-( Will send happy thoughts!!!!