Friday, June 26, 2009

Day/night, hot/cold, black/white.....Mari/Julia!

Seriously! This is no exaggeration! My two daughters are as different as any two sisters have ever been. This subject has carried many a conversation and everyone has their own theory. Some cite the fact that they share none of the same DNA. Some blame the differences in their early life experiences. I believe that it is a deliberate choice on Julia's part! Take today, for example, as I pull in the drive after a series of errands that took waaaaaay longer than anticipated, this is what I see...... Julia filling her time by playing S.W.A.T. Using her toy binoculars to spy on neighbor children and kitted out with her wireless communication headset and GRENADE. Yep, explosives would not be an excessive use of power in her mind.
I guess the 'official' police badge is my clue to get my hands up in the air ? So, as can be expected, the photo shoot attracted some attention! Just like every other sibling rivalry, the senior sibling sensed that the junior was getting more of my time than she and an appearance was made to rectify the situation.
Do I need to say more? Dolled up in pink and white and parked in on the couch for the 'not to be missed' debut of the Disney channel's "Princess Protection Program". I could go on for days about my vegetarian and her carnivore sister, the nester and her foot loose sister, the calm sister who shares a home with a diva, Animal Cops versus America's Next Top Model...well you get the picture! I just wish there had been a chapter in Parenting 101 warning me of the possibility of this juggling act I am currently performing. Being oh so Pollyanna, maybe this is like magnets and my two ladies will someday be pulled together because of their differences??


  1. Oh Suz, too funny. They are so great. We see sibling competiveness here too. Can't tickle one without tickling the other!!!
    Sent a box of denim to you today :-)
    Have a great weekend.

  2. LOL how different they are!!! MY 4 are the same way!!! My 2 girls are the same in some things and not the it!