Tuesday, June 16, 2009

School's OUT for .......

......okay, since it's nothing like summer let's just suffice it to say school's out! Much later than usual, but if you recall all the hissing and moaning I did about the incessant snow this past winter, it's due to the need to make up the several missed 'snow days'. As much as they look forward to those spontaneous days off in the winter, it is hard to sit at your desk when everyone else in the world is off on their summer holidays! The absolute only thing that made it bearable was the fact that they really were NOT missing any of the summer weather...since we have not had any as of yet!!!!!! So to celebrate we did an ice cream run with our dear friends who suffered through the delayed dismissal too. Ice cream is right up Julia's alley these days!! Swallowing is still quite the challenge! So you may ask how the girls enjoyed their first day of freedom? Well they spent the day outside, of course!! Good thing they are being raised by an Irish Dad since to play outside today required some good Kerry play clothes...... Yep, cold, dreary RAIN AGAIN!!!!! I almost missed this since I'm stuck down in the salt mine working on the dancing costumes. Just a diet Coke addiction that brought me up from the bowels of the house to the kitchen allowed me to catch her in the act. I'm totally fine with playing out in the rain especially since she suited up.....except she was stomping puddles in cloth gym shoes instead of wearing her Wellies!!!!
Now that's more like it! All the hub bub we created in getting Mari back in to put on her Wellingtons caused Julia (who was throwing one heck of a pity party today) to rise up off the throne and join the fun.
Puddles are not just for toddlers!
Watching sticks float down the curb stream is surely something we've all done on an occasion or two? I am getting lucky that they seem to be out growing the need to collect all the drowning earthworms!
Hmmmmm, reminder to self....look for taller Wellies! Well, big sigh, off to make HOT CHOCOLATE on JUNE SIXTEENTH to warm up my wet babies.