Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu........

Julia's tonsils are GONE, here are pics for you! Okay, schmaltzy show tune knock off aside, we have survived the dreaded operation!!!!! Last night we went out for her 'final' supper. Since anything that goes crunch and anything spicy are forbidden for the next two weeks guess where we went? Come on, how's a girl to survive without chips and salsa for two whole weeks???? Our local, family owned Mexican cantina was just the spot to give the taste buds their fix. BFF/Cousin Deirdre just had to be at Julia's side during this momentous meal.
Ahhhhh, soft shell carne asada tacos....does life get any better? Julia is my 'foodie' with very sophisticated taste buds and has even entertained thoughts of being a chef if the horse trainer gig doesn't pan out.
Is there any better sign of the satisfaction in her choice than the taco sauce dribble decorating the happy grin? The rice and beans went down with gusto as well!
Julia had a significant amount of apprehension but managed to sleep like only a child can the night before surgery. Mom, on the other hand...and Auntie Peggy too, had precious little sleep!
The pre-dawn wake up alarm was unnecessary!
The admission process went very quickly! Could be that since it was performed in Auntie Peggy's hospital where Auntie Peggy is one of the pediatric nurses that we had some VIP treatment? Her first nurse (we arrived while it was still the night shift!!) was Mirna who decided that my cutie patootie looked more like her and should come home to be her little girl. Julia could almost give them lessons on how to use the pulse oxometer which was just out of the picture. Beyond a perfect patient is all I can say! Pleasant, mannerly, and co-operative through out the whole procedure!
Waiting for the transporters to come for the trip to the surgical suite. Auntie Peggy nudged her over and they took in a little Cartoon Network during the wait.
The 'little Elmos' have gone EVERYWHERE with Julia! Texas, Florida, California, New York, Ireland and now the hospital too. Small note here, the hat was the one thing she tried to balk...wonder why?
Mom had a huge sigh of relief to see this sight! Even if those two gorgeous eyes were shooting daggers at Mom and Dad at least she was back from slumber land safe and sound. The little Elmos were looking more refreshed.
Not quite the delightful child for our second favorite nurse! Nothing personal Auntie Lin but the anesthesia was still dictating her mood here. Hope she redeemed herself by telling you that you are 'cooler' than Mom and Auntie Peggy!
Dutiful patient downing the dirigour Popsicle. Gatorade has been going down better now that we are home....oh yeah, a few bowls of vanilla ice cream managed to slide down with ease too! Unbelievable how modern medicine has progressed in the tonsil/adenoid surgical protocol. The hospital has what Auntie Peggy jokingly calls a 'lojack' system which allowed us to monitor her progress through surgery and recovery. TWELVE minutes in the actual surgical suite followed by 28 minutes in recovery after which she was wheeled back into her hospital room!!!!!! Since the I.V. in her hand seemed to be the biggest problem for her and since she was assured it would be removed as soon as she consumed a set amount of liquids orally, Julia was single-mindedly determined to swallow that amount A.S.A.P.! Three hours after she was wheeled away we were driving away from the hospital!!!!
Here she is as she insisted she could dress herself!! Using one hand (because the I.V. site must be kept immobile at all sarcasm here!) while watching a DVD only impeded her progress slightly.
Now, several hours later, she is enthroned on the couch, with complete control of the remote, holding court with her stream of visitors. The prescribed liquid pain medicine has been deemed "GROSS" and has been taken very reluctantly only twice and we are in heavy negotiations to substitute her tried and true Motrin in it's place. I'm standing tough one more dose since it is just before bedtime and she could use the sleep at this point.
Now here's hoping that this was all worth it! Good bye strep throat swabs! We hope to never hear you mentioned ever again! So long dear companion antibiotic! Here's to a break from funding the pharmacist's luxury vacations!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. So happy to hear that everything went so well. We are back to the dr. tomorrow so we too know so much about the golf games and cruises......sigh...... The girls and I are sending Julia big hugs and Emily would be so envious of the Elmo's!!!

  2. Glad she's still doing well!! I meant to call you tonight but not the most joyous day aroudn here today:(

  3. YAY!!! their OUT!!!!!
    I'm so glad all is well and no more antibiotics!!!
    Julia, your a brave, beautiful girl!

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