Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Home, home on the range....

Do not ask me why I am stuck in this corny song genre for my titles...I have no idea! I also have no business sitting here typing this since the weekend is speeding towards me and I have two dancing dresses that need to be done and on a body by Saturday morning!! I just had to show you what I found tonight as I went to close my windows after I tucked them into bed and headed down to the salt mine...... Can I surmise that Julia might have turned the corner on her recovery?!?! We have been in a real rut these past couple of days with her recovery. Every morning a whiny, contrary little lady emerges from the bedroom. After begging, pleading, and bribing her to take her medication and eat something...ANYTHING....she makes up her couch throne and plops down in front of the video valium. After an hour or two the mood has eased just enough to allow negotiations to resume at which time she usually relents and I get my easy going baby back for the afternoon hours. I live in the hope that this may someday become a learning experience in which she discovers the positive relationship between calories, medication, and feeling good. She lives in the hope that this may someday become a learning experience for her Mom who should not have agreed with the ENT on the need to lose those tonsils and adenoids! Can a Mom dream that the reappearance of her horse family is a sign that tomorrow may not bring the same cycle? A couple of quick pics to give you a hint of what I'm up to in the salt mine these days! This picture sums up how frustrating I find the costume side of the salt mine! In order to not lose my ever loving mind breaking needles and/or threads I must REMOVE the glittering sequins that will interfer with the stitching. In my hormonal moments I've even been known to shed a tear or two and my adoption buddies will 'get' why. How many dressmakers and dancers have the perspective we have on how horrible the living conditions are for the women and children who sewed those sequins on for a paltry cent or two?...and here I am cutting them off!! I wonder sometimes about how many beatings were suffered because they were not sewn on quick enough or how many children are left home minding the babies so their mothers can go earn a few cents per day? There have been moments of great restraint on my part when I've listened to a spoiled little dancer whining about aspects of her costume and all I could picture was a little girl in a Guatemalan orphanage covered in burn scars because she was left to cook and clean for the family at the wise old age of SIX! In the orphanage because her poor mother could not afford to care for the horribly disfigured child on her $1.40 a week 'salary' sewing!!! Okay, off my rant and time to focus! The mine is a mess with parts of dresses everywhere!
These cuffs are sitting waiting for me to put on their embroidered edge...and they've been waiting a while....and I really can't afford to let them wait any longer...and I really do not want to go back in the mine for the night shift...and I wonder what my Facebook friends are talking about right now...hmmm.


  1. I think Suz that so many of us see things so incredibly differently now after being in a country and seeing things as they are. It's hard to "conform" in some aspects but some things have to be done in order to also make a living an you are doing eveything you can. You are so good and honorable and have the two most awesome girls. I wouldn't even know about "facebook friends" as I just can't seem to find the time to get there, LOL

  2. You are such a talented women! Take the night off and relax! You deserve it!