Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer, come out come out where ever you are!!!!

I know some of you are sighing at the very reading of the title of this post. While you bask in the glow of the sun or hide in the comfort of your AC, we are beginning to wonder if this will be the year that summer totally skips it's annual visit!! I know I seem obsessed but please understand two things about me that may explain this obsession. Firstly, the Chicagoland area only gets summer from around Memorial day to Labor day so the window is closing on our season even as we speak! Secondly, whether vitamin D deficient or just genetic, I suffer from SAD...seasonal affective disorder. I usually stave off the most profound symptoms with a trip or two to my Dad's place in Sarasota over winter and/or spring breaks. This year conspired against me and I never made it to the sunny realms and my mood has been negatively impacted as a result!!!! Then there are these little life events that piled on this year! Patrick's cancer diagnosis and treatment coupled with Julia's escalating allergic asthma/strep throat cycle have done nothing to lift the spirits. Now, today, I am suffering a simmering resentment of men!! Not all men, and especially not that rock I married but those men who try to satisfy their craving for sports glory by filling the ranks of children's sports leagues. I used to be a 'smart' Mom. I put my first darling into dance where one gets to play with make-up and pretty costumes. Dance is an INDOOR activity where Moms SIT IN DRY, WARM auditoriums. Mari loved to dance so it was all good..... See??? Stretching before a competition....INSIDE on carpeting where there are FLUSH TOILETS!!!
See??? Dolled up and relaxing between dances with quiet activities to fill the time. See the chairs in the back ground...the chairs INSIDE where Moms get to sit while waiting for the dear darlings to dance?!?! Then, in some pathetic moral stand in which I decided to show my daughter how one should never 'play politics' to win. Trying to show her that winning shouldn't be about ones beauty or connections but about integrity and hard work...I made her quit dancing. Now, I'm not completely naive! I know all competitive activities are filled with unsavory side affects. That is why we let her take up AYSO soccer. A learning league in which sportsmanship is valued over skill and where no official scores are kept. Many times the teams "lend" a player so that their competitors can field a team or, in the cases of skill mismatches, they may pull players to allow their competitors a chance at ball time and/or scoring. It's all been good....well mostly good.....
There's been this little problem with our WEATHER! There she is in the purple uniform, in a hoodie on JUNE 13TH, in the RAIN at 8:30 AM this morning! This is a make-up game. We were making up a game that got RAINED out!
The men that run this league are not playing with a full deck. This is not a competitive, travelling soccer league! This is not a collegiate soccer league! This is AYSO and notice how the guys had no problem standing at the sidelines under their umbrellas while the kids were put out on the field to play. So you ask, why didn't I just pull Mari and keep her home in the dry, warm house? All those years sitting at dance preaching about integrity actually worked!! Mari is a true TEAM PLAYER. Mari does not willingly ever miss a day of school, a soccer/volleyball/basketball practice or any of the games and for that I am extremely proud! I, on the other hand, am not quite so dedicated.....
Nope, I'm not one of the 'good' Moms who bundled up and stood side line to cheer on my daughter. As you can see from the zoom focus and the water drops in the pictures....I sat dry and warm INSIDE my car!! Today was the last straw for me. I NEED SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!
Now, rant over and moving on to a more positive subject...
the patient is showing signs of improvement. Like all the mornings since her surgery, Julia starts out the morning by making her 'throne' on the couch. Today's theme...Pooh of course! She's usually silent and sullen until I manage to prod, cajole, or demand she swallow the liquid medicines that are required. The behavioral changes under the influence of Lortab are striking!!
Yeah!!! A smile finally!!! Probably a drug induced smile but after a couple of days of the "I hate you" death stare I'll take whatever she flashes. A bit of Ramen noodles made it down and combined their caloric effects with the narcotic affects of the Lortab to give me my Julia back....
Up off the throne and into the kitchen with a big, happy grin! Then again, was it the aroma of bacon and bangers that lured her? What ever the cause, I was able to peel the casing off of the Irish sausages and she slid them past the wounds with the help of a little syrup. Gosh I hope this lasts! Hmmmm, wonder if I slid the Lortab into her syrup????


  1. I dont blame you for wanting some sunshine! Rain can be depressing! And who wants to enjoy a soccer game in it?! Not me!?

    Good news about Julia!!! Glad to see that smile again!

  2. Praise the LOrd for Loratab!! LOL!! I've been trying to figure out how to send you some of this heat but it's just not working! Mid 90s again today and humid as can be YUCK!! I need to move north!