Sunday, June 21, 2009

In tribute

While trying to readjust my sleep schedule, I find myself up at quirky hours watching the cable news networks. Normally I avoid anything political on this blog as I want it to be a place where all can feel comfortable coming to visit. Today, however, I would just like to put one short sentiment down in writing. The Iranian protesters are an inspiration! To watch such young people acting on their convictions with such commitment humbles me. Especially when they act with the full knowledge that there is a likelihood of physical harm. I mean I was too timid to even put a SIGN supporting my candidate in my front lawn for fear of my neighbor's reaction. No, I was under no threat of physical harm! I just worried what people would 'think' of me and if I would lose 'friends' for my choice. How lame in comparison to what I am watching on my T.V.!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, back to a political free zone.

1 comment:

  1. It always amazed me Suzanne when I see the commitments and lengths that some of the people will go to in other countries. They willingly give up their lives for their beliefs....... I will go out on a big limb here and say we were in the minority when we voted Democrat in a totally REPUBLICAN State and county!!!! Oh well..............