Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Formal Family Reunion.......NOT!!!

Day late and lots of dollars short with this post!! Sorry for not being a 'Johnny on the Spot' blog queen but I'm showing signs of my advancing age. I need a day to recover from these big outings anymore. Besides, my computer protested mightily at trying to download the 200 or so pictures that Peggy and I took at our family picnic on Sunday! Don't worry, I don't plan on abusing you by posting them all but apologies for the random posting order...still lethargic and not up to a 'cutesy' collage of a post. The morning started early for food prep! Some of us wake up with sunnier dispositions than others in the family :)
One of this year's challenges was that the children had to contribute an item to the buffet made by themselves. Julia chose guacamole!
We absolutely lucked out big time with the weather!!!!!! Sunny but NOT hot! It was about as gorgeous a day as one could hope for a picnic. We had the pavilion reserved 'just in case' but it only served as the hub of the activity.
According to the family tree, which acted as an attendance sheet, nearly 100 members made the trek to the picnic grove. Members from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Colorado were here to celebrate the annual reunion!
There were games for the kids who came in all sizes and colors.....
and lots of reminiscing for the old timers....
My Mom and her sister with all their daughters had as much fun as....
the gang of cousins born in 1997!!!
Water balloons found targets both willing and unwilling! Not naming names but one mature adult even led a surprise attack on unsuspecting children trying to play their games...and paid for it with a revenge attack by the above water grenade thrower. Lucky for said adult that Peggy's camera had gone dead by that time and it was not caught on film!
Young and old were armed and on the hunt for 'dry' bodies to target!
Additions to the family tree were recorded while......
the twenty-somethings learned how to read directions for the basic need to eat!
Some cousins came loaded with the creature comforts needed by adults to party the day away...
while some settled for a simple load of chocolate 'puppy chow' to make their day!
Like so many big parties we had to put in a lot of work to carry it off but like all good parties it was over too soon! Too soon also for my Dad to leave again but today I put him on the plane and several hours later he sits relaxing in his Sarasota haven! My life went back to 'normal' as we are now hurrying to gather Julia's supplies together for horse camp which begins on Sunday at the same time as we prepare for the 4th of July! Deep sigh, I've also agreed to let Mari return to dancing.....add another stop to the Mom taxi!


  1. Oh Suz what a fun time. I can't wait to party this weekend and show off the gorgeous outfits you made for the girls. Can't thank you enough.

  2. Oh my goodness I can't believe Mari wil be dancing again! Now you know I'll have to make it up there to one of those competitions!!! I have NEVER seen Irish dancing before!!!
    Tell Julia I hope she has a blast at horse camp!!

  3. YUUMMMMOOOO and what fun!!! that 1st pic is soooooooooooo funny i HATE mornings to sweet girl!