Monday, June 1, 2009

Lame excuse number 2!

Why haven't I posted lately? Had a few phone calls from some friends too shy to post on Blogger asking what's up with the infrequent postings. Seems one of them, not naming names, uses this blog as a diversion during lulls at work!! Well friends, Julia is sick AGAIN....sort of?!?! You see we had bunches of appointments this week starting with the pediatrician for her camp physical. He decided to do a throat culture to make sure the antibiotic worked last time to eradicate the strep. Then we had a follow-up with the allergy/asthma specialist a couple of days later who is in the same medical facility and he notices that the culture came back POSITIVE AGAIN! Really, I'm sure it never actually gets conquered by the antibiotic and has taken up permanent residence in the crypts of her today we saw the ENT! Drum roll please.................................................................................................................June 10th is the day that Julia and her tonsils part ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure I'll have plenty to blog that day since we are doing it at "Auntie Peggy's hospital" and Auntie Peggy is the camera queen. Meanwhile I've pushed out a bunch more outfits in a patriotic theme. While some of them have left with Mr. Postman to go to special girls in Virginia and Louisiana the rest are posted on eBay. A sized 36m/3T 'cutified' shortall....
tried an a-line style top but need to find a different pattern as this one goes too wide for my liking! "Cutified" some shorts to go with the top in a size 6x.
Another pillowcase style top and skirt combo in a size 5. And yes the sidewalk is wet in the background! I'm now resorting to running outside during breaks in the clouds to snap the pictures since I'm sure summer is never coming!!


  1. OMG your stuff is adorable!!!!!!!!

    tonsils going is a good thing!!!


  2. I love the last outfit. I'm going to get on your e-bay site and order Abbie an outfit for 4th of July. They are so darn cute!
    I bet Julia will feel so much better after her tonsils are out!

  3. I'll be praying for my girl!! I know having your tonsils out is NO fun since i had mine out at 19!!
    Love the new outfits and i'm still trying to figure out how to send you some of this heat!!

  4. OMGOSH Suzanne and what is it with our darling daughters, LOL You have the strep bug and we have the pneumonia bug, ugh not fun "bugs" to have.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the most adorable outfits that we got yesterday in the mail. That was so incredibly sweet of you and took me by so much surprise. What fun and as always, they are truly gorgeous. Will be trying them on this weekend after preschool ends today!

    MANY thanks and happy weekend and sending Julia many hugs and prayers that those tonsils have a happy "trail" OUT of IL!