Monday, June 22, 2009

Shhhh, you might scare it away!

I almost fear typing these words for fear of jinxing it but I think summer might have actually arrived.....finally! We've had a couple of days in the eighties and today even dipped it's toes into the nineties. My least favorite member of the news team has suggested that we might see 90+ degrees for the next two days....he's wrong so often...hopefully this is one of his more accurate guesses. Here's a little of this and that...... We made it to our first street fair! Snuck this picture of Auntie Peggy and Mari as they ducked under a tent for some shade. I didn't remember to take too many pictures and we didn't stay long due to....the heat:-)!!!
Alyssa will be so annoyed to see this picture of them eating in the shade. Not that she's doing anything embarrassing but just how pasty white her legs look next to Mari's! Lack of pool time plain and simple. Julia's sampling our one 'unique' food adventure, elote. Never have eaten it before but will be adding it to our menus soon!
In an effort to address the lack of pool time there was a full court press to go today! Grandpa is coming tomorrow from Sarasota for our big family reunion picnic on the weekend. He stays with Auntie Peggy because of mobility issues and she was feeling the need to do a deep clean before his arrival. Since the nieces really wanted her to join us they 'volunteered' to help with some housework!?!?! Doesn't happen here....EVER!
Mari getting directions from her P.P.Peggy. The kids call her 'practically perfect Peggy' but the adults know it for it's true name............Obsessive compulsive disorder!!! I can't come down too hard on her though since she not only acts as my mother's saver but she gets them to learn how to do things, the 'right way' according to her. I have no delusions that Mari will ever smooth her top sheet like this but at least I know she could do it if called upon.
Did you know that placing the quilt is really a math problem?Yup, Mari is counting squares to make sure the quilt is CENTERED to P.P.Peggy's standards. Big chuckle since Mari's quilt hasn't layed flat on the bed for more than a couple of hours in it's life!!!
So with the chores completed, we headed to the pool! We've had a couple of impressive storms in the past couple of days.
Branches are down all over! The streets and sanitation guys have weeks worth of wood chopping and hauling ahead of them. So when I saw this cloud rolling up I was thinking the good weather might be temporary...
cool sun rays, huh?? Proved to be alone and ,without his companions, could not muster any stormy symptoms.
Some happy mermaids!!
Hey Vanessa, this is one of the local park district pools I'm always telling you about! Not in this shot are the tot pool and the dive/slide pool which are off to the side of this pool. We've figured out how to get a 'semi-private' lap lane to ourselves so we don't have to crowd into the far open swim end.....pretend to be giving the children swim lessons!!! As long as we were working with the little ones on floating skills the life guard left us alone :-)! Really, the 'we' should be a 'she' since I opted not to get wet today! Thanks Peg!
Now this is how they are sleeping for the night......
sleeping bags on the floor! Why you may ask? Well last year when I tried to pitch the idea of a camping trip I had THREE people look at me like I had multiple heads! Outside where there are bugs and NO air conditioning, electricity, or king sized mattresses??? What kind of wacky idea is that???? Then they went away to Girl Scout camp and came home VERY sure that they did NOT need to 'experience' a family camping trip. So is this 'mock camping'? No, it is a full force pitch to prove to me that they have changed and would now really like to go camping!!! Nothing like a little peer pressure to turn one's mind. See, the cousins went camping this weekend which has suddenly transformed the event into a 'must do' for my ladies. Wonder how long they can keep up this campaign?
Now for a funny shot........see Mari's pony tail in the above picture?
I guess this is my diva's way to prove to me that she is ready for a 'roughing it' camping vacation?!?!?! That would be the ultimate multifunctional clothing item.......her BRA!!!!


  1. So, I guess it warmed up over there!? I bet your happy!
    I love going to street fairs and carnivals for the snacks! Sounds like you all had lots of fun!

  2. Oh you so had me in chuckles!!! What a fun time and so glad you finally got some HEAT there! Very clever of Mari!!!! LOL