Thursday, October 15, 2009

Almost caught up!

I originally 'scheduled' this post for tomorrow but then life threw us a curve ball this evening. Since our weekend is now so very uncertain I am going to try and clear out my 'to do' list. Just as our young gang of cousins finished celebrating one of life's big "first" moments with the wedding of Big Mike, there has come the time to work through their "first" real period of mourning. This afternoon my brother-in-law's father died suddenly. He was Mairead, Daniel,and Deirdre's Poppa and he leaves a HUGE hole in their lives. In one of God's moments of grace today was Thursday Family Dinner day! We were all there when the call came asking if the children could be cared for while the parents rushed to the hospital. We were all together to receive the sad news. Poppa Art with one year old Deirdre. May God bless him and keep him and may perpetual light shine upon him. May God make his face to shine upon his family and give them peace. Drumroll.......... and the dress is finally revealed!!! Told you it wasn't "all that" but it makes our little Maria Teresa look waaaaay too grown up for our liking. Mairead's did the same! The up-do's didn't help either! So we danced that Cha Cha dance that's all the rage..... and what's a wedding without the YMCA? Duh!! Of course there was the Limbo Dance!! The D.J. kept the young crowd up dancing the whole night! And look who caught the bouquet?!?!?! Deirdre joined the curly bun wig fad too! Mairead went with a classic French Roll and Alyssa opted for the long and loose look. Our little gang had a GREAT time at their first wedding reception! Guess Brianna had a good time too! After a late night of partying you would think that we slept Sunday away...but nooooo not us! We went on a road trip. That post coming next.......


  1. I am so very sorry for your loss. What great pictures of the wedding! Dancing the night away, be young, LOL
    Gorgeous girls and they looooook so grown up, darn it..........

  2. I'm sad to hear of the loss in your family, of those girls' dear poppa. the dresses are beautiful, mari's dress color is really great and does look for wonderful on her. the reception looks as though there was a great time had by all. I love that line dancing stuff! is that what you were doing?

  3. oh how awful, so sorry for your loss.
    the weddignlooked like a ton of fun, dancing is my favorite part! yea both girls look liked they put on a few years in their fancy do's.