Friday, October 2, 2009

Excuses, excuses, excuses

I was absent from blog 'school' this week because..... 1) I'm back working and not being like my OCD acquaintances I have no system/routine in place to allow for a smooth continuation in our lifestyle when I'm at my 'real' job. Eventually I'll have a grip on this situation. I always do. It just might be Thanksgiving but I'll get there! 2)Homecoming dances and my nephew's impending wedding have resulted in a mini-rush on the salt mine(aka sewing room). So, when I'm not not at work, cooking a meal, supervising homework, running errands for both us AND my Mom, or 'recharging' on the living room couch, I'm down pushing out dresses for the two events. Then I have to get cracking on the Halloween costumes! 3) The passing of summer has brought the arrival of cold/flu season. Julia's valiantly fighting allergies and complaining of lower GI distress while Mari has a sore throat coupled with a hard head. I've had a flare up of my vertigo and now thanks to an urgent care visit have drugs on hand to treat it...just can't drive or work while on these drugs so the world keeps spinning...literally! Not a lot of hand holding and Kumbaya singing going on around here of late!....and on top of it all we LOST in the bid to get the 2016 Olympics!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh, but what else is new for Chicago sports fans?!?!? Soon, I promise there will be posts with pictures!!! I have a cute take on Minnie and Mickey themed Homecoming dresses to show you and Mari even took some of Julia frosting a cake...the modern way. As soon as I have another bout of insomnia I'll load the pictures that live in my camera and get them up on the blog. In the meantime, can I please take an Incomplete rather than an F????? I promise I'll do the work....later....


  1. Hey you might be behind in blogging but you've been awesome at commenting, I know I keep doing too many posts but I know once the weather is relaly awful the pictures will slow down.
    Have you tried and ginger root, or there are some chewable ginger? its suppose to help motion sickness wondered if it might help. Apparently there is an exercixe you can do for vertigo too, my mom just got over it as well.
    yea we love to get dirty and I was and have been the crazy over packer my whole life, you just never know what you might need! in the winter I always have a bag with full winter gear in it for Maya becasue what if we brokd down or who knows what I don't want her freezing. Oh the craziness good luck getting everythinng done, love crafts but sewing isn't my thing.

  2. you are excused! sounds like you've got a lot of "stuff and things" going on -- hope you get them all done in time for Halloween and the wedding. nbut now I have baited breath waiting to see a mickey/minnie mouse prom dress.

  3. I think you have many excuses you make me look very very very lazy dear! lol

    hope to see pics soon!

  4. We have been really busy here too! I'm behind in blogging and I have slowly tried to catch up on other peoples blogs as well.

    We have also been hit with the sick bug here. Yuck!