Friday, October 30, 2009


Holiday appropriate theme for this week's FFF! Since I am pathologically unable to do a 'short' post I am not even trying this week. Later this weekend I will post what we are able to film of this year's Halloween but seeing as how today's first event was already severely impacted by our monsoon like weather I'm not sure just how much I'm going to have for you this year?!?! Spoooky pumpkin shot from a couple of years ago! Tonight is our big traditional pumpkin carve and since it is scheduled for the island in my kitchen I assuming we'll get some pictures of that this year! The first time Mari saw this picture she freaked!! She thought the streak of light and surrounding 'glow' looked like spirits floating out of the pumpkins...a little too much imagination sometimes!! I have three of these spooky stuffed characters that we pose a little differently every year! Background on this picture goes like this....Mari was three when she had her first Halloween here and to say the least it did not suit her! Most of that week was spent with her clinging to my leg or buried in my shoulder. At that point in time I only had one guy and he was hanging from the sconce by our front door...she would ONLY go in the back door!! So the next year I started early by bring the decorations out and leaving them for her to 'inspect' before putting them up. She would have NOTHING of Mr. Scarey Man as she named him! So I bought another mask and had her help me make Mr. Screaming Man. Helped but she was still leery of those guys. In this picture Auntie Peggy was trying to pose the girls in among the Mr. Scarey Men and even though she was now seven.....behind the wrought iron railing was as close as she would come!!!!!! While Julia is just fine with those guys!!!!!! This is Mr. Smiling Man...a lame attempt to win Mari go. Mari is now 'into' Halloween....that first year's haul of candy did a lot to win her over BUT people in masks, clowns, and Mr. Scarey Men still give her the creeps. Sometimes the spooking is by the neighbors who make you go through dark tunnels filled with smoke and creepy music to get your loot! Sometimes we try to spook the neighbors!! This is Mari at 4...what a difference a year made!!! Sometimes the cousins try to spook each other! Like I said, Julia's fine with the whole fright fest celebration...especially with her pacha in hand! When they were small we had studio shots taken every year. Sigh, now were lucky to get them to stop and pose, sigh, sigh, sigh. Even heard a rumbling or two that the middle schooler's might be thinking of abandoning the whole costume thing next year....deep, deep, sigh. Anyhow, thought I'd give you a glimpse at some costumes past! Missing a couple from the pre-digital days but here's the rest.... Lilo and Mulan Cheetah and Lady Bug Cowboy and Indian Miss Behaving and Jockey Have fun trick or treating with your gang this year!! We might be in building our Ark but we'll look stylin' in our costumes as we hammer away!


  1. those costumes are adorable. figures we would see awesome outfits from a seamstress! every one of them is cute. I love the cheetah, and the indian, and Julia in the flower costume! and mari as a little four year old. wow! it's pouring here too.

  2. What great costumes! You guys always have so much fun!
    Hopefully the ark can wait until after Halloween! lol

  3. awesome costumes Suz. What a ton of fun you guys have!!! Love that yearly costume picture! I know what you mean about the ark, must be sailing down to haul us up with it in VA, sigh! Happy Halloween