Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Getting Glammed!

Saturday morning arrived brisk but bright! It was very hard to roll out of the warm bed but there were PLANS that had to be kept. Today was the day that my nephew "Big Mike" was getting married and we thought it would be a fun time if all the 'little girls' got manicures...which meant an early start to the day! First there was the 'discussion' about which color each girl should pick...versus the colors they WANTED to pick. For the bigger of the 'little girls' this was a btdt moment but for the smaller ones this was a new experience. Oh all the choices!! See that bright apple green above Alyssa's hand? That was Mari's WANT color...for which she was shot down soundly!!!! Brianna had no problems once she saw this Princess Pink! Funny aside, the purple gloves were a 'gift' from one of Aunt V's daughters for all the kids to wear while Trick or Treating. Poor Brianna is from North Carolina. Not only is it unlikely to be so cold as to need gloves on Halloween it is also HIGHLY unlikely that Brianna has ever worn gloves before in all of her six years. She was CLUELESS on how to get her fingers into the right spot in the gloves!!!! Julia was thinking she should choose black to match her dress but Mom gently persuaded her that this bright shade of red would be a better choice. Julia was really not so sure she wanted to 'bond' with her cousins in this way...too girly you know!!! But it turned out not to be as bad as she was imagining! We kind of took over the place....right down to the Hannah Montana entertainment on the flat screen! Little Brianna had left her Mommy back in North Carolina taking care of little sister and baby brother. Her Daddy and she had flown in with her Grandma and Grandpa so we had thought she might have some worries about being thrown into this whole cousin if!! This lady acted like she had been primping in salons her whole life! Alyssa was digging the warm towels after coming in from the 40ish degrees outside! Deirdre liked it too! Modern girls at the modern drying table! They had fun with the light show while they waited for the lacquers to dry. Well!!! A Mom can have a little primping every now and again too you know. So here's the finished collection! Two reds, three pinks, a purple, and a French manicure ready to go get dressed for the church. Yep, trust a six year old to co-ordinate her lollipop with her manicure! While the last stragglers were waiting to dry Mari started on her next phase of GLAM! Auntarie was a dancer and dance instructor for YEARS so she took over Mari's 'do'. Just the right amount of gel, wax, scrunchies and pins gives a nice bun. Not that Mari was at all interested in wearing a bun, of course! This is just the prep for the .... 'curly bun wig' as we call her 'fake hair' or 'piece'. See why Patrick is looking into GPS chip implant technology!!! Imagine when she actually starts to like boys...actually please DON"T...I'm not ready...I'm REALLY not ready!!!!!! Wait until I post the wedding pictures and see her in the dress! Six year old humor! That's the net we use when storing the bun wig. BUT when she saw Mari she was so thinking she needed a bun wig too! Thanks to Auntie Peggy who still had Alyssa's little dance wig, Brianna was one GLAMMED little cousin! Coming soon: The Church


  1. your last post showed the normal segregation, too funny, guys in one room lasies in another.
    Your pre wedding looked so fun manicures and hair!!!!and I guess some fake hair too!

  2. OMG can you gals come and do me over for anniversary on Saturday...i dont like doing my hair or nails!!!!

    fun and special times for all you girls!

  3. wow nails plus do's. awesome. it's so fun to get all fluffied up! let's see those dresses, girl!

  4. how fun. loved the color choices! I so love the special bonding time......