Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What a weekend!

Whirlwind is a word that comes to mind as I reflect on this past weekend. The sheer volume of activity resulted in over 340 pictures which all need to be sorted and filed! As I am not equipped with a state of the art computer this is taking a while...coupled with the fact that I went straight from the weekend right into a full week of work. Piled on top of all this I now am succumbing to the virus that first reared it's nasty head Thursday night with Julia..... Poor baby spent most of Friday morning (kept her home from school even though at that time she hadn't shown any fever) trying to get any amount of sleep between bouts of coughing and sore throat!! We had TOO much on the agenda to tolerate this so guess where we went Friday afternoon? Now sporting a small fever, Julia toughed out yet ANOTHER throat swab at Urgent Care. Wasn't that supposed to end when we yanked the tonsils? Anyhow, there I sat wondering whether I hoped it was positive so she could get on antibiotics quick and thereby keep to the BIG PLANS for the weekend or if it should be negative thus leaving me in a quandary as how to proceed. The quick strep came back negative and the MD assured me she was showing all the symptoms of a 'garden variety, good old, common cold'. He felt the fever was as a result of mild dehydration since she had been avoiding using the sore throat and that using common sense preventative measures we could attempt the agenda. Doesn't this look like the face of someone eager to head off to her Grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary party followed the next morning by a girl's morning at the nail salon, cousin's wedding, cousin's wedding reception, and capped off with a repeat visit to the apple orchard???? Topping it all off is the fact that tomorrow is Picture Day at school and her nose is STILL dripping! Friday, Part II will be coming shortly...I promise!


  1. boy yes she looks so excited she can hardly contain her excitement! thats sucks, to be sick when theres all these fun things planned, hope it all went great will wait ti hear the rest.

  2. poor baby. she looks utterly spent. it's not fun being all plugged up and the sore throat makes it much worse. I hope she did ok -- waiting to hear!

  3. awwwwwwww poor girl!!! my two teens are soo sick too and im sure we are next..OHHH NOOO