Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Friday's Festivities

Well my lady took all the necessary medicines willingly because she did NOT want to miss Grandma's and Grandpa's party! Not 100% but what was lacking was made up for with eagerness. So we headed off to my Aunt V's house along with the rest of our 'smallish' family to celebrate the fact that my parents have been married for SIXTY years now. I say smallish because my father was an ONLY child and my mother has only a brother and a sister. Now given the fact that my mother single handily tripled the Sullivan gene pool means that our family tree looks more like a mushroom! My Aunt V added four more while my Uncle B down in North Carolina only has one son. Obviously family parties usually mean my siblings with a few cousin guests! Since the 'big' wedding was to be the next day, the N.C. contingent flew in and their presence helped round out the numbers. Don't you love how the generations mingle at family affairs?!?! This table consists of my first cousin, my daughter, my nephew, and the cousin from N.C.'s daughter.....thus my first cousin once removed! Brianna was relieved to see some familiar faces in Julia and Mari. We had just been down to visit in August when we bought the car from her Grandpa (my Uncle B). See how quickly Julia bounced back. The throat was still sore and the nose was stuffed but the smile was ever present. The first cousin of my generation to become a Grandma!!!! Maureen is so calm and cool about the fact...hope I can be the same when it happens YEARS and YEARS from now. My Mom held court right inside the front door. I'd like to say it was so she could be on top of all the comings and goings but really it was as far as we could get her to walk. She's getting very weak and one of her knees should have been replaced decades ago so mobility is almost non-existent these days. Her sister and brother were there to celebrate the feat of staying married for SIXTY years. Oh yeah, my Dad was there too!!! The quickly approaching winter weather was not to his liking given the fact that it was in the nineties in Sarasota but he toughed out our forties all the same. As usual, the guys were in watching the baseball playoffs while us women gabbed the night away. The kids you ask? They were off making everything into a game! I've got all the pictures downloaded now, thanks to Auntie Peggy! The very busy Saturday will be posted VERY soon....okay, as soon as I can get Blogger to upload the ones I want onto the site that is!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great visit!!

  2. What a great time and loved seeing the "family".