Friday, October 16, 2009


The Favorite Foto Friday theme has made it easy to wrap up this week long serial! The theme is ORANGE and here we are at our last big event of the Columbus Day weekend. Our road trip took us back to our favorite fall destination... the orchard! Just had to stock up on the cider donuts and corn salsa and such sold in the big barn besides restocking the apple supply before winter sets in around here. It was quite chilly and all the children were checked for appropriate bundling before leaving the car. The Moms added a few comfort items as ear muffs!!! So all you Belles tired of the 90+ degrees just know that the flip side is no great shakes either. The orchard provides the transportation out into the area or trees that are currently ripe...thank goodness because a full bushel of apples is not light! They have nice ladders placed here and there for your convenience but noooooo ....our gang likes to do things the hard way! Well some of them are smart enough to go after the ABUNDANT low hanging fruit anyhow! Auntie Peggy looked for little hot water bottles to snuggle with at every opportunity. The kids just love the unlimited apples they can eat while you pick! Apples, apples everywhere but our gang wants that 'just right' right one which is out of reach! Petite Deirdre is destined to always be the top of a pyramid. The annual shot to record the memory we make each fall. Happy harvest friends!


  1. What a ton of fun! Loved the pictures.

  2. oh I laughed at their orange tshirts -- who needs Halloween, and look at the background. all those halloween paraphernalia!!!! haha. is that your house??? i know you said you're a halloween fan. or is that the apple orchard gift store. andyway, you and your daughters look great in that photo. love your sweater. when we do the orchard, we go the easy route and buy the stuff already picked. we've never actually been INTO the orchard -- just that lovely store!!!