Friday, April 30, 2010

FFF- Already????

Wow, I'm losing it this spring! It's been so good compared to last year that I'm over doing things a bit. That and every other school and sport commitment has amped up as well!!!!

Just going to post some random pictures as I have no time to organize anything...let alone my thoughts!  Maybe this had something to do with the craziness of this week???? 

Mari thought me crazy when I handed her my camera and told her to run out to the parking lot of the shopping mall we were at to snap this for me. Now she's proud of the picture!

Julia continues to blossom in her new found love of performing! Her school had a Poetry Tea for the families on Thursday...

and she drew quite the audience response! One Mom even approached me and 'warned' me that as a Theater Arts major she 'knows' a talent when she sees it...and she sees it in Julia so I better 'prepare' for the life of an actor. Her teacher was very complimentary as well. It didn't hurt that her poem was funny and had to do with the pitfalls of having your parents help you with homework (:  Peggy has better pictures of the event I'm sure but I've been too busy to check if she's even uploaded them yet!

Tried having an Etsy Mom take pictures of one of my sibling sets on her tots to see if it may help better display my sewing....

gorgeous shot IMHO!!! Hasn't done a thing to move the outfit on Etsy but it is a nice picture.

Been sewing when I haven't been able to sleep because of the coughing.....

More sibling sets to join the ones I've already posted. I'm thinking I'm taking a break on these for awhile because they are not all. Seems that Dora and Pooh are the big movers in my "line" so more Dora and Pooh it is!

Oh, and Disney in general seems to sell well too! Here is an Ariel set I've just listed.

Still plugging away on the Guatemala items as well. 

Off to rejoin the running and racing in circles!!!


  1. great moon pic. and how proud you must be of Julia!

  2. I bet that poem was awesome! Great job Julia!!!

    I'm going to pop over to you etsy shop this weekend. I have been so busy as well this week and tomorrow I plan to just take things easy!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. How great that she likes performing, its alot more fun then hating it yet still having to do it at school. Great moon picture!
    I can't believe Hello Kitty stuff isn't selling, she turns 35 years old this year and the stores are getting more and more stuff, Maya can spot it from a mile away. Can't wiat to have nice weather so she can enjoy her dresses again.