Monday, January 31, 2011


It is a NEW week and we started it off celebrating a NEW little cousin's christening!

A NEW little girl who took years of love and many, many, many trips to the medical center to arrive safe and healthy into those adoring arms!

I took MANY pictures with mixed success. 

Ones of the ceremony.

Of the godparents!

Pictures of the princess as she is dressed and comforted.

Doting Aunties....

and techie toddlers.

After loading them onto my computer I noticed one tiny little thing.......there were NONE of my long hoped for and special delivery little girls!!! Ahh, the babies always get all the attention, don't they?

Welcome and God bless little Mary Agnes!!!


  1. I lovelove the name of that new little blessing. she's a doll and the cake is awesome too.

  2. What a beautiful baby!!!! Congratulations on the NEW little cousin! =)