Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The title says it all! She was dead on in her assesment and BFF went to call backs tonight without my diva. I cannot say how proud I am of how she handled the news. After a few moments of quiet she took a deep breath and shook it off followed by a call to encourage her BFF to "go for it". Not that she's bounced all the way back at all but she's moving on and is exploring her feelings about being on the stage crew. She so wants to share this experience with her friend but she's not yet sure how it will be to work behind the scenes while her friend shines in the limelight? There is a gut feeling on her part that maybe the friendship would be less strained if she leaves this endeavor to her friend...........time will tell. The snow is coming fast and furious and while it bodes well for a "white christmas" it sure is an awful nuisance. Too dark now to do a great job shovelling so an early morning to get the driveway cleared is on the docket. Makes me loooooonnnggg for the gulf beach that is calling us.

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