Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rockin' the House

Here we are on another Thursday "Family Night"! Usually it's just the P.P.Peggy(as in practically perfect) with Andrew and Alyssa but with the holidays approaching we had the pleasure of Grandpa's company as well. The weather men have been hyperventilating all day about a wicked snow storm that is headed our way so even the teachers eased up on homework assuming that tomorrow will be a snowday. This left our post dinner routine lacking so we decided to give a try to one of those gingerbread house kits. The men quickly melted into the livingroom leaving the construction woes to us women. The icing made according to the directions was so thick that Alyssa was calling it the "silly putty" so in short order Peggy took the bowl to add more water to soften "the glue" as she kept calling it. Alyssa tried to pipe the next trial while Peggy kept fussing with the consistency.
It took alot of "holding" to keep the pieces in place as the icing set and Mari was the designated relief holder...lots of fingerprints as you can see!
Andrew came back to check progress and decided that it looked a little less girly than he imagined....nothing more than caulking you know.
Once the candies appeared for the decorating phase there was suddenly a renewed interest in our doings. Suddenly Grandpa and Patrick found their way back to the construction site!
....caught red handed!! Seems that eating the finishing trim is man's work!
Small but sweet....
By the way, as of 10pm not a single flake of snow has fallen from the skies...guess I better go lay out the uniforms for school tomorrow.

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