Thursday, December 11, 2008

Morning Madness

Computers are bad for my sleep! After only hours, that one could count on the fingers of one hand, I'm heading into a day that promises to be loaded to the hilt with things that need to be done. So far, we made it up, showered, dressed, and girls off to school with no major drama. I'm hoping for a drama free day on the mobile clinic where I work because I'll be heading home to my neediest child who's suffering from a chest cold...his brogue mixed with congestion makes for quite a communications challenge! Need to stop and procur his medicinal wishlist and be home in time to get "Cousins Thursday" underway. Auntie P comes every Thursday with Andrew and Alyssa to get a little homework done before they need to go across to the church for R.E. Following R.E. is a communal dinner and more homework time if necessary until A & A's mom comes to bring them home. Today's events are running up against two ladies with fresh giftcards burning a hole in their pockets...feeling very strongly that we need to move "Cousin Thursday" to the Target toy aisle!!! Then I need to get into the saltmine and finish some Christmas pillocase dress sets for my NOLA girls...I've cut out a few extra that I'm hoping Vanessa can sell to raise money to ship the shoes to Guatemala! More on the shoe drive later...

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