Saturday, December 20, 2008

Greased Pigs

Well folks, today is just one of those days when you wish you could go back to bed and get up on the other side! The schedule was pretty tightly packed and the backup plans scarce. As I raced around trying to do my best supermom impression I knew I was losing ground early....and then the car sabbotaged the whole afternoon!!!!!!!! Picture the scene, an excited 8yo dressed and ready to attend a classmates birthday party jostling her sister who was looking forward to spending a Target giftcard as they layered on the winter gear. Then pan to the Mom shaking the contents of her purse out on the diningroom table in the hopes that the car keys are just hiding under the other ...ah...stuff. Nope, no keys. Scurry, scurry, scurry looking for keys then bright idea! Send 11yo out to check the porch and walkway in the event that they fell from overloaded hands on the way in from the mornings errands. Success......sort of....they are found sitting in the ignition of a now battery dead car! Watch sobbing 8yo as multiple friends and relatives are called hoping to find an angel who can run her up to the party which is 3 miles from our home. Watch Mom wishing she could sob as she hung up from the last chance call with no success. Quick camera pan to the bathroom where 11yo sister is doubled over in pain crying because worry does that to her......OFTEN. Back to UN-supermom who does not know who to comfort first while she wishes for a nice hot tub for herself. Ring, ring listen as Mom profusely thanks Auntie Peggy for coming to the rescue. Watch eyes being wiped and noses blown. Fade to black...real black.....freezing cold real black as Mom stands in knee deep snowbank trying to hook up battery charger brought by Uncle Steve now REALLY wishing for that hot tub!! Pan to bright window and see same Uncle feeding laughing 11yo pizza. Pan down driveway to see laughing 8yo being dropped off by Auntarie (aka Aunt Anne Marie) carrying her party goody bag. Slow pan back to snowbank where Mom climbs into car and turns the key.....varoom. Pull back as Mom lays head back on headrest and blinks back tears. Just when do you learn how futile it is to chase after a greased pig? Thanks guys for giving this UN-supermom a soft landing when she crashed.

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