Friday, December 19, 2008


When the phone rang at 5:40am I knew that it was going to be a looooong day! As the automated voice informed me that my divas need NOT go to school due to "weather conditions", I sputtered "You wimps" in the direction of their freshly plowed parking lot which is LITERALLY across the street from my home!! This was purely a case of teachers not wanting to get up and shovel before the last HALF day of school. It was only FOUR inches!! Granted it was that heavy wet kind, but not so much that the world needs to come to a halt. One diva cried because of the missed school party and gift exchange but soon enough the snow pants and parkas were making their appearances. This is how northern children handle the disappointment of no school! They are climbing on the mound left by the snow plows at the end of the school parking lot.
See, barely enough to get a decent snowman!! Oh yeah, maybe it was the lure of the snow mound that cut his construction short.
This is when I really wish I had a mudroom! Sometimes there is more snow on them than on the ground.
I have to wonder just why I have two sleds, two flying saucers, and two snow boards when the body slide seems to be the preferred mode???? Notice the absence of the older siblings! One is now a teenager and needs to sleep through a snow day while the other quickly ducked inside once her help with the shovel was complete.
This is the sweet reward of a snow day! Time with my sister getting to some of the Christmas baking. This pile is just OUR portion after dough sampling, product quality control testing, basket for Grandma, and a basket for P.P.Peggy were deducted. Hey, Vanessa, notice the empty space just begging for a few pralines to fill it?

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