Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful....

All morning I hid in my sewing room hoping that the party would be cancelled due to the weather. I'm well under way on a little Valentine's ensemble to list on eBay that I'm calling "Puppy Love". Still going to get more trims and need to make co-ordinating blouse and hairbows but here's a peek.... Very ruffley twirl skirt that I've attached to a denin overall shorts which I found on a sale rack. Cut off the legs to make it a skirt and appliqued on back pocket and bib.
Close up of the applique on the back pocket.
These are my divas waiting for Santa to arrive at the party.
Funny how Father Christmas makes even the most "mature" diva eager to join "those babies" waiting for her name to be called.
The party got waaaay more fun after Santa made his appearance!
Suprising turn out given the FREEZING weather. My van's two sliding doors are frozen shut so the girls have to climb in through the back hatch and the radio is out ....need to find where I wrote that darn security code after the last time the battery went dead! Have I mentioned lately how much I'm looking forward to Florida??

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  1. ok Suzanne, before you have to pay those ebay fees, I am going to have to have TWO of those puppy twirly outfits! Please email me when you're back from your trip or Vanessa!