Thursday, December 11, 2008

So Begins the Blarney!

Well here it is! I finally took the dive and opened the family diary as a blog. I know I promised some of you I'd do this long ago but I'm still not sure why it is someone would feel compelled to read about this odd lot. The birthday season is drawing to a close with only Auntie P's left to celebrate on Friday. Our eldest diva turned 11 on the first of December and the younger made 8 yesterday (still today for this nocturnal Mom!!). This year I really felt the time rushing by and cannot yet accept that I have two tweens already! This morning they both flew out of bed at the alarm and jumped in with us to snatch a minute of snuggle before the morning rush. Julia asked for 'her story' again and it seemed so surreal to relive those moments when the call came telling us that she had been born and was waiting for a name. The shock at seeing just how tiny the little preemie was when we finally were allowed to travel to Guatemala to visit with her at six weeks old and the tears when her big sister could not bear the act of returning HER baby to the arms of a fostermother as we left for home hoping that the rest of the legalities would pass quickly. We headed into our day all giggling at the traditional closing line of the oft told tale, "...and then when you finally came home Mari decided that little sisters were not what she bargained for and you've been the thorn in her side ever since!" As soon as I figure out the trick for posting pictures I'll be sure to add some of the birthdays. Don't get too anxious though, I'm back working for the rest of the week!!

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