Thursday, July 2, 2009

Positive Pain!

How can pain be positive you ask? Mari's day today will help define the concept...... We started the day with an orthodontist's appointment. After only two months in braces, Mari's teeth are already showing great improvement and he was pleased. A new stronger set of wires were placed and she literally sprinted from the chair down to the street corner...... to place an order for her favorite pizza burger at the family run hamburger joint in town. Sprinting, as anyone familiar with braces knows, because it would not take long for the 'pain' to set in from the new wires and she fully intended to 'enjoy' a final meal!!! Lots of yogurt for the next two days :) The pain is positive in that it indicates progress towards a more perfect alignment of her smile! Then she and Alyssa returned to dance class after a three year absence........
Mentally prepared and kitted out they laced up their ghillies, grabbed their water bottles, and headed into the studio.
Happy to start with their toe stretches.....
and happily taking directions from her which point I was 'allowed' to take my leave!
When I returned I found two sweaty bodies comparing their 'wounds........
aaaaahhhh yes, just like child birth there are things one's brain tends to give one amnesia about! Sore muscles and blisters are proof enough for me that they took their return seriously!
Ironically this is not an 'agony of defeat' shot!!! The stiff and sore duo waxed enthusiastic about the 'burn' and are annoyed that the next lesson is not scheduled soon enough for their liking. Let me confess right here and now that I have NO UNDERSTANDING of the twisted biological function that causes dancer's to be so addicted to physical discomfort!!! In this duos world, pain is equated with a 'good' workout and thus pain is a POSITIVE thing?!?!? Clearly, from my less than svelte physique and aversion to pain, I am not 'blessed' with dancer DNA.


  1. I'm glad to hear they enjoyed their first class! I can't wait to see the awesome costumes I know you're going to make for them!!

  2. LMAO your girls are just amazing...i love IRish dance!!!!!!

    OMG i cant wait to put abby in ther whale outfit tmorrow!! LOVE IT!!!


  3. TOOOO funny. The girls are just a hoot and talk about a trooper with the braces. Jason had two sets!!!
    Happy 4th Suzanne :-)