Friday, May 29, 2009

FFF- Memories

Some Favorite Foto Friday themes are more challenging than others! This week's, on first hearing, seemed a piece of cake but as I surfed through the picture albums I realized there are too many memories!! So posted in NO PARTICULAR order are a few I have to share with bloglandia. The universal language of balloons! El globo de Barney was all it took to break the ice at the airport on the day that Mari arrived in the United States for the first time. "The gaggle of toddlers which Mommy kept calling "los primos" must be all right since they tied that Barney balloon on my wrist as soon as we met!"
The visceral gut wrench of seeing the children of Guatemala in the streets carrying loads almost as big as themselves. Working when they should have been in school or minding their siblings so their parents could go to work. Then the realization that the little girl dressed to the nines that you carry in your arms would have been one of those children herself had decisions been different!!!
Sitting on the bed in a hotel in Guatemala City watching the most perfect child every born as she slept...and knowing that she would soon be sleeping in her little crib in the nursery long empty.
An idyllic vacation shared with extended family......
sleepovers and matching p.j.'s when they were young enough to think 'matching' was cool!
Watching your two year old try to feed her apple core to a horse in the field next to an Irish castle.......
and watching the older ones climb up the ruins at the base of Blarney Castle on their way to find the infamous 'stone' and then having a complete emotional breakdown watching the same three hop from stone to stone up on the top ledge of the castle where the stone is located!!! I could still have a heart attack remembering the fear I had that they would fall to their deaths!
Far too few out of the thousands and thousands I have but all I have time to post this FFF!!
Off topic: There was just enough sun this morning to get pics of some of the denim pieces I had completed for the 4th of July. This little "Whale of a Time" outfit and the rest can be seen on eBay under my seller name of "drsilk1".


  1. Loveyour memory pics!!!! Such angels!!!

    Everytime i think i know what i want to order from you i see something cuter!!! lol

    p.s i will check out your ebay page! lol

  2. Ok I sent you a email through ebay ..i think i'd rather have the whale outfit..They are all sooooo darn cute!!! Do i have to put a bid in and do you have this in size 3?


  3. Very fun. Loved the pictures of memories. How time flies by and they continue to grow and I just get older with more grey hair, LOL

    Love the whale outfit!

    Have a great weekend. Rhonda