Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Biped to bicycle!

I sit here calm as can be even though my baby rode her bike to school today. Really, no joking involved! In our talking, talking, planning, and planning phase I discovered that one of her new classmates had already given her bike a trial run. Soooooo as any control freak would, I called the Mom to question how she had crafted their plan. Turns out that Mom can see my 'blind block' from her porch and was very interested in having the girls team up on their ride...actually trio up since a few houses further on they pick up yet another classmate! YEAH!!!!!!! So, this morning she donned the required protective headgear and the NEEDED sweatshirt and headed out. She had practiced opening and closing the lock quite a few times and I've sewn the lanyard with the key to her backpack so there's no chance of it getting lost! "ONE picture is all you need, MOM!!!!" "NO I'm NOT looking back! You have ENOUGH pictures!!!" "Whew, I'm finally too far for her to embarrass me anymore."


  1. awesome, so you've now got that one block "protected". yay. she looks adorable in those photos, so "I'm grown up" expressed on her face. gotta love those streaks of independence. now momma can reast a little easier knowing three girls will be riding to (and from?) school together.

  2. Love the banana seat bike..very retro!