Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trial Run on Posting Video

Did you miss me? :)
After another wild Friday, as I sat down to organize all the pictures I had taken for the daily post, I found that my wireless mouse had died! Our 'old' computers have been put out to pasture on the girls' desks for game play so I reclaimed their mice to try and keep working. No such luck! The 'old' computers are literally OLD and not compatible with this new generation. So I had to admit defeat and sew for the night instead. First thing this morning I was at Office Max to procure the necessary hardware. While I was out the girls had created their own entertainment. Btw, Deirdre was here as a result of a spineless Mother moment when I agreed to a spontaneous sleep over. We had to take off to do a day of soccer so I'm finally here trying to grooooow my geek skills over how to download their "Newscast". Picture laden follow up post to come soon....cannot even begin to attempt a post with BOTH stills and video!! Okay, so the above bit was written countless hours ago!!! In the meantime I tried to upload using the "Upload Video" button on the Blogger dashboard....several times! Then I tried to upload it to my Photobucket site but after going to the laundry room and changing a load I returned to find that only 2% of the file had uploaded!!!!!!!!! So I went to YouTube and tried to upload the video. It WORKED...took an HOUR to upload but it worked. Then I tried several different ways to link the YouTube video with the Blogger system. In total and complete FRUSTRATION, I am just posting the link to the YouTube location where the video can be viewed. Hope you enjoy the video craftsmanship of my two ladies!...not sure when I'll try this again.... P.S. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!! So thank's to Gardenia's heads up I tried it and it's not linking so I've gone back and got this from YouTube: Now let's hope this works! P.P.S. NOOOOOOOOOO! So what you need to do is look at your navigation bar and delete the bit of the address about Blogspot and just use the original YouTube address I have above. It worked for me anyhow. There just has to be an EASIER way!!!!!!!


  1. hmmmm. it says the link is broken, so I could view the video. try again. sorry to be the oe to tell you. don't you hate that? (I haven't tried to post a video yet).

  2. I tried and couldn't view anything. I'll keep trying tomorrow.