Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For the least of our brothers.....'>'>

I know most of my readers are adoptive Moms who may be well aware of the current CRISIS in Guatemala but for the rest of you here's the scoop. This past growing season Guatemala suffered a drought. This leaves a country, that was already the poorest in the western hemisphere, on the brink of starvation and malnutrition!! A quick Google of Guatemala will bring up too many heart wrenching links too count on this matter. As you have read in my past posts, I am sewing the little holiday outfits and selling them on eBay to raise funds to supply Mari's first family with a monthly food basket. This has put them on the path to a healthier life BUT there are millions more at risk!!!!

My friends Vanessa and Marlene are going down to Guatemala in December to help in any way possible. They have organized with a local pastor and community group to supply whatever foods and/or medicines they can to the people of these villages. Can you help?

Vanessa has promised to provide anyone sponsoring a $30 food basket for a family with a picture of the delivery that you can use in a gift card should you elect to do this as holiday present. Do you have that loved one who has everything thus making your holiday shopping a challenge? This would be a GREAT way to make everyone a 'winner' this December. You and your family/friends will have the pleasure of knowing that a family in Guatemala will be eating for a month on the amount that we spend on a night out at the movies!

For more information check out the link above or Vanessa's blog----

Just a drop in the ocean of need but to the one family that receives your basket of food it is so much more! I remember reading once, about the sense of being overwhelmed by a crisis, the following sentiment:

Upon seeing a beach full of washed up starfish a little boy started throwing them back in one by one. His father tried to explain that there were just too many to throw back in by one little boy! The little boy answered, "Maybe I can't do everything but it means everything to the ones I can save!"

....and just maybe one of the families being fed would be Julia's......


  1. great post, have already been involved with Vanessa for food baskets last spring and sending a box of toys. I am going to do exactly what you posted, andI will also make it a post as well, I am going to sponser more food baskets for grandparents as christmas gifts.
    Added a picture of the clear coat, although you being very crafty probably already knew what I was talking about.

  2. Suzanne. Thanks so much for helping to spread the word. I just finished watching a vidoe about the hidden malnurishment in Guatemala and my heart is heavy. I have a hard time knowing it's impossible for me to reach them all but I vow to help as many as I can!! We'll chat soon and thanks for EVERYTHING

  3. Amen Suzanne! You said it perfectly. "Just a drop in the ocean of need but to the one family that receives your basket of food it is so much more!" Thanks for this post! Let me know if you make any more of those beautiful knot dresses. They look great with fall colors and a long sleeve shirt under them.