Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Skunk serendipity?

Just a quick update to say that our skunk problem is shared by the residents of another large metropolitan area!! Just after the last post I heard on CNN that the city of New York is experiencing the same explosion in numbers of stinkers on the prowl. According to the reporter, New York animal control personnel cite the lack of any natural predators!! Well in that case relief may be on our way....sort of. Seems that coyote sightings in the suburbs of Chicago are on the rise!!!! Now I'm not so sure that I want coyotes but those darn skunks are such a nuisance... And remember the picture I posted of the large predator bird on my neighbors roof?? According to the practically perfect person, birds of prey do not have developed olfactory glands and are immune to the aroma or skunks. I'm okay with them! Might even help with the insanely bold squirrels which appear to be on the increase too. The squirrels seem to be losing their fear of humans around here. Just today one cheeky fellow was trying to scratch his way through our FRONT door...and didn't even run off when Patrick opened the heavy door and pounded on the screen door to scare him off! So here's hoping the hawks and falcons are finding the asphalt jungle to their liking! Hey, at this rate I won't even have to take my girls to the 'wilderness' and/or the zoo to see wildlife!


  1. I doubt the coyote will take the skunk after he gets sprayed in the face but thats neat about the birds I had no idea. WEll we have too many coyote's around here so the pony must live done by my moms house, I am actually scared they will try and take down Shorty, they did try and get our dog off the front porch and she's not a small dog. Good luck with the skunks, yuck they like wet area's and area's that are cool, don't let them get under your house, stinky but cute. Good Luck and thank you so much for your comments, what happend to you so one of my huge fears, but thank you for taking the time to share, got to try and get more past this.

  2. ewww yeah we had ALOT of skunks in my yard this summer...ohhh gag some nights the smell was sooo bad i couldnt sleep ..GAG!!!!!!